Are Lace Frontals More Affordable?

Are Lace Frontals More Affordable?

LAST UPDATED Apr.25th  2019

Before I start with the question, "Are lace front wigs more affordable", I should start with "What is a lace wig?" This will help you gain an understanding of the product while reading the article. A lace wig is a special type of hairpiece or wig designed with a sheer lace base and to simplify it is different from a traditional wig that is machine-madewithwefts. Although some lace front wigs seem to be similar to a traditional wig, there are, it's not because of its distinct difference. A lace front wig is similar to a full lace wig because it also has a unique cap whichis madefrom a transparent lace. However, most of the times the lace is only clearin the front section of the wig, although there are many styles to choose from; the most common wig caps are the full lace cap with no stretch, front lace cap with ear to ear stretch and lace around the entire perimeter of the head. French Lace and Swiss Lace are the most popular kinds of lace.

Next, let'sgo aheadwith the question on why you should buy the product. Firstly, anyone can wear this special type of unit however women are the most common type of wearer. This is mainly due to the need to appear beautiful with being versatile with their style and having envious, glamorous, luxurious hair. Such a luxury unit canaidin altering a dull hair texture and style. Someone can go from short to long hair in a matter of minutes and have it look absolutely natural. It is also perfect for cancer and alopecia patients, and even those who are undergoing hair loss due to scalp disease or another health condition. Since we are now familiar with the product, we can go aheadto understand its longevity. This will help you understand its cost and maintenance.

A lace front wigs developed from 100% human hair can last anywhere from 10 months to 1 year, that is ifit's caredfor properly. It's like purchasing a car, house or any other similar investment that requires monthly, quarterly or yearly maintenance. Going back to the question, "Are lace frontals more affordable?" Well it's a yes or no. Itcan bemore affordable if its partiallymachine-madewith wefts in the back and lace in the front. However if the unitis developedsimilar to a full lace wig, withthe exception ofstraps in the back, then the answer is no.

In addition, the type of hair used to buildthe unit also plays a big deal in the price. Remy hair is more affordable than Brazilian virgin hair, and Brazilian hair is less affordable than Indian hair.

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