How to Tame Frizzy Hair

LAST UPDATED March.15,2019

Which is frizzy hair,you may personally have struggled with frizzy hair of your whole life,I know how upsetting and doubting in QP because when U was younger I did not know what was wrong with my hair and I did not know what to do with my hair to make it normal.I had a lot of friends had beautiful sulky straight virgin hair and I just thought something is terribly wrong with me when I got older,I would go traveling any time,I was in human hair

Condition even if I straighten my hair,the hair just get poofy and frizzy.I do not know what to do what’s going on.Through years of trial and error research,trying different products and different things with my hair,I’ve learned how yo deal with the crazy mane and how to tame my frizzes,so I would sharing with you about how to tame frizzy hair

       Firstly you need to know what makes hair frizzy.if you hair is curly or wavy which normally dry naturally,dry hair is prone to frizzy hair now,you go outside and it’s humid what happens to your hair so your is dry the air is humid and it has a lot of moisture in it so it like sucks up the moisture from air and what happened to you here that you just blow dried or stray that it goes back to being frizzy poofy,the hair is humanoid and have a lot of moisture in it,natural like you dud not do anything to it.that’s really happened today here when we are in humid conditions.That’s what causes frizzy hair.many hair experts say that blow drying using hot tools really creates a lot of frizz from the personally expedience,you know that my hair used to be frizzy when I was 10 and I had virgin untouched,no blow-drying no curling.If you do chemical straightening then will definitely create more frizz in your hair or if you bleach it here now why would that happen because bleaching or

Kimly chemically straightening your hair makes hair more dry it sucks up more moisture from the hair,so naturally your hair is going to be more frizzy .I personalty has a Brazilian Blowout keratin treatment one of these when it just came off maybe three and a half years know that once the chemical treatments came out on my hair it became more frizzy more dry so I would not recommend it,so the just thing is learning how to treat the frizz,what to do and what not to do .

       If you have curly or wavy hair do not ever ever brush it when your hair is dry .Correct combing method is necessary and important to avoid  tangle and shedding. A good habit will keep you in the best condition both in the life and work. According to the instruction to comb till bottom to top step by step.When I come out of the shower I towel dry my hair very gently and then my hair is damp I just start brush it slowly from the bottom and slowly moving up ,when blow drying your hair with a round brush which is really important because there are hum brush really smooths the cuticles and makes the hair look smooth and shiny.Dry your hair thoroughly with a low-heat blow-dryer.Another important thing is stop feeding hair alcohol which mean look at most of your products just pick up the bottle and check if it have alcohol .Because  alcohol over dry,damage the hair and create the frizzy,Have your argon oil and the hair wax handy with,after the blow dry ,take a little bit of the oil run your finger though the hair,a little bit of the hair wax which would be look pretty nice!If you are stuck in a hair emergency,you can do just go grab some water,go through your hair with wet hand , the hair would become very smooth!~


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