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How To Wear Wigs To Make Them Look Real Tricks

How To Wear Wigs To Make Them Look Real Tricks

LAST UPDATED March.8,2019


How to put on your wigs?did you just say wags?Wigs are so popular now that they’ve been around for a very long time,within the last coupon of years,they’ve just more accessible like more people are starting to be unformed and educated about the wigs ,and how to use them ,help you grow your hair,in addition really helpful and funny for if you trying to grow out from black to blonde which have a lot of damage on your hair .

        You can use clipping exceptions which also great but the wigs would be more better,because you can change up your color,lay off the hot hairstyle and change up the cut,there is soo many options that you like.For example,if you want to go blonder and want your hair to breath a little bit and recuperate a little bit.Because it is definitely blonde than this .But you ware so antsy to lighter your hair but you can not because it’ll damage yourself hair too much,now you may get a wig you like more golden blonde hair but you may really want it to be lighter ,so you may try a wig and you must fallen in love with the wigs in the daily life.Wigs is necessary ,accessories and even funny your life,how to make your wigs looks more natural and realistic that’s the point.

        Prepare your hair and your head,Make sure the wig you buy is best for you,there are soo many kind of wigs lace frontal wigs,full lace wigs,4*4lace closure wig,13*4lace frontal wigs and 360lace wigs,also many hair style waiting for your choose ,some times ,it may hard to decide which to order,lol,you may order from our allovehair wigs,very affordable price and amazing quality,you must like it!  Second,you nee to fix your hair and  will not make bumps or uneven places once you have your wig on,so make sure all your natural hair will not pulled back from your hairline.

        Prepare your skin .Wipe the skin around your hairline with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol solution. This removes any access oils and impurities from your skin,to avid glue or adhesive tape stick to your skin,then apply a scalp protector.even if you do not have hair just make sure protect your skin.Then you can put a wig cap,The net cap breathes a little more while the skin toned cap mimics the color of your scalp under your wig and make sure all your hair underneath it.For the wig glue, dip a small makeup brush into the glue and apply a thin layer of it around your hairline. Let it dry. This may take a few minutes. You will know it is done when the glue is no longer thin and wet and is instead sticky and tacky. For the adhesive tape, gentle place double-sided strips along your hairline, securing it to you skin. Leave a small space between each strip of tape. This will ensure that moisture can get out when you sweat and it won't compromise an entire section of tape.You don't have to let the tape dry.put on the wig and you are free to style the hair


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