5 Tips To Avoid Hair Shedding And Tangling

Are you troubled by human hair wigs shedding and tangling ? Is your hair falling out all over your home? Read on to learn why wigs shed and tangle, and what we can do to stop your wig from shedding and tangling.

In fact, shedding is natural for human hair, just like your own naturally grown hair from scalp. According to research, hair on the human head sheds 50-100 hairs daily. Hair sewn on the lace and the wefts have a similar effect. If you see a small amount of hairs loosening from your lace wigs/wefts do not be alarmed, this is very common in all hair extension products. However, it is not normal to shed a lot more than usual or more than expected. One of the reasons for excess shedding is tangling. Any wig, even real human hair wigs, including our own naturally grown hair, will tangle if not properly cared for. But because our own hair produces natural oils, it prevents the hair from becoming dry and matted. But your wig won’t. Therefore, So wigs will usually be easier and more tangled than our own natural hair.


How we can do to prevent your hair from shedding and tangling?

1.  Comb the hair correctly

Never comb the hair when it is wet! To avoid these tangles, brush your hair on a daily basis. When combing wavy hair, please use with wide-tooth comb and start with the ends, 2 inches at a time, and slowly work your way up. Do not brush too hard, if you brush the hair too hard, the wavy patterns will fade gradually and the knots on the lace to loosen, possibly causing shedding.

2.  Minimize the use of hot tools

Although we has always provided high-quality 100% human hair, and constantly improves the quality of human hair, so that wigs can be styled with hot tools, but frequent use will also cause damage to the hair, resulting in drying and shedding. When using hot tools, Find correct temperature for hair style. We suggest temperatures under 200F degrees for colored hair, and under 250F degrees for natural colored hair to avoid dryness. Time control is very important, Do not leave any hot tools on the hair for no more than 10 seconds. Apply some morocco oil and elastin to keep the hair soft, or you could also apply some hair spray will keep the hair style durable for whole day.

3.  Don’t sleep with the wig

It’s not recommended to sleep with your wig, because the friction between the wig and pillow will damage your hair and cause hair drying and tangle, especially for curly human hair wigs and long human hair wigs. If your hair is sewn in, wear a satin bonnet. This will help prevent the tangling.

4.  Detangle your hair

Detangle your hair before washing and styling. Not detangling your hair can actually cause the hair to shed more than expected. Another important step to detangle is using the right method. Use your fingers to comb sections of the hair with a light conditioner or Moroccan oil to detangle. Using fine combs aren’t recommended. Curly textures require more care than straight or body wave textures.

5.  Condition your hair regularly

Lack of hydration can also cause shedding. Shampoo and condition your hair appropriately, to maintain it moisturized. Do not use products that contain sulfate, parabens, alcohol as these will dry out hair and cause tangling including shedding. Don’t forget to use deep conditioners and hair masks on a weekly basis, these products can give a little extra moisture to your hair.

Do as the suggestions from now on, then your hair will be better. 

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