A New Hairstyle For Valentine's Day

Have you ready the hairstyles on Valentine's Day? If you have done please compare in below hairstyles, if not that’s a kindly guide for your guys.


1. Skunk Stripe Human Hair Wig


Skunk-stripe hair wig has been around for a while, it is quite different from traditional highlight wig because the skunk-stripe color gives a blended, natural look with softer, less noticeable re-growth. The pastel brown or black with a few blonde highlight in the frontal makes the wig look different in the winter season, the blonde blend well on the brown or black hair, also making the wig looks very natural. The body wave texture makes the wigs look fluffy and fashionable.


2. 613 Blonde Human Hair Wig


For the winter months, we are all about the low maintenance hair colors, most people may choose some dark color hair, but as the temperature goes down, women want to keep their color bright and sun-kissed to recall those warm summer days. When it gets to get cold outside, the blonde color can help them feel a bit warmer. 613 blonde color is not exclusive to summer and is an amazing color for the winter season. Except for the lace frontal wig, you can also choose the 613 blonde closure wig


 3. Ginger Lace Frontal Human Hair Wig


Ginger lace frontal wigs are getting hotter and hotter when choosing winter wigs. So why not thinking choosing a vibrant ginger color to bring your hair color to the life this winter season? You can choose the ginger straight lace frontal wig and the ginger body wave lace frontal wig, which bring you more confidence and attraction when wearing it. The color is also suitable for different occasions, especially the coming of Valentine's Day.


4. Brown and Highlight Human Hair Wig


Brown HD transparent 13*4 lace frontal wig is a good idea to try out in the winter and the perfect choice for a natural look, if you think solid brown wigs may look a little boring in the white winter, so adding some highlights to the brown hair is just perfect hairstyle for the winter season. It can be suitable for the different skin type, and HD transparent lace make the wig looks more realistic, people won’t even realize that you are wearing one wig.


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