All About Hair Extensions you need to know


           Hair extensions are a great way to change up your look or lengthen your hair. Human hair extensions blend in with your hair for a natural look that can be styled the same as real hair. Proper care and maintenance of your hair extensions will keep them looking great!


But hair extensions have a come a long way. There are now better-quality and very natural-looking options on the market and improved application methods. It’s time you gave them a second chance. Extensions can be one of your hair’s biggest assets, allowing you to rock a variety of different hairstyles without having to commit to a certain look for too long.

The different types of hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the easiest to apply and the least damaging, as they simply clip in to your natural hair. Sew-in extensions are applied by braiding natural hair into a cornrow before sewing the hair extensions into the cornrow, sew-in extensions are one of the most seamless and permanent extension styles.  


Glue-in (extensions glued to natural hair) and micro-link (looping the extensions through the natural hair, clamping them with a hot tool and metal rings) are the most damaging on hair. However, they can both be reused if cared for

Lastly, tape extensions are attached to the hair using discreet double-sided tape, like a sandwich: Imagine one extension is the bottom piece of the bread, your hair is the filling and the top extension is the top piece of bread.  

How to know what type of hair extensions to choose

Both stress that it’s essential that you chat to your hairdresser before committing to any type of extensions. Doing so will enable you to factor in your lifestyle, budget and your natural hair to see what is going to work best for you, as choosing the wrong ones can have negative effects. “For instance, if you’re a low-maintenance person and you’re not willing to set aside time to take care of your extensions, you may find yourself with matted roots and unmanageable hair.”  

An in-depth discussion with your hairdresser will also enable you to choose the right colour, address any concerns you may have and learn which products are best for styling and caring for hair extensions.

Can you have hair extensions with balayage?

If you’ve always avoided hair extensions because you thought you’d never be able to get them to match your ombre or balayage hair colour, we have good news for you.  

Bothagree that those with multiple closure and tones throughout their hair will be able to find extensions that match and look natural. By combining a “mixture of dark and light extensions, you’re actually able to create a balayage effect on its own,” says Cherniayeff.

However, if you’ve recently jumped aboard the ombré or balayage trend or have changed your hair colour completely and want to get your existing extensions to match your new shade, then you might run into a bit of trouble. “Some salons will colour them for you, however, you should expect the results to vary. This is because some extensions have been put through certain processes to get to the colour they are currently at, which means they may not ‘take’ to the colour you are trying to add to it. In which case, sometimes considering new extensions may be your best option

How to look after hair extensions


Remember to be gentle with your hair extensions. Brushing through your hair extensions too roughly can cause damage or the hair to fall out.

Brush hair extensions often. Hair extensions can easily become tangled and knotted. Brush your hair three to four times a day to keep hair tangle-free. Be sure to brush out all tangles before and after washing.


Avoid washing hair extensions too often. Washing hair too often will dry out the hair and make it more prone to damage from heat styling. Hair extensions do not receive the same nourishing oils from your scalp that the rest of your hair receives. Washing hair every 2 to 3 days is recommended.

Keep hair extensions hydrated by using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

 Lather hair gently and work shampoo down the hair. Be sure to rinse the hair out extra well.

 Using a deep conditioner every few weeks is also recommended.


A heat protectant or serum should always be used on hair extensions before using any type of heat-styling tools. This will help minimize frizz and breakage.

 Styling tools including flat irons and curling irons can be used on human hair extensions in the same way that they are used on real human hair.

 Avoid styling products that contain alcohol.


 Braid hair into a loose braid before going to sleep or before any physical activity to prevent matting and tangling.

 Do not sleep on wet hair. Air dry or dry using a blow dryer on low heat before bed.


 Remember, hair extensions are a high maintenance product and you should expect to spend 20-30 minutes a day to care for and style your hair.

 Extensions may be uncomfortable to sleep on the first few nights.

 Your scalp may be slightly itchy the first few days after getting hair extensions.

 100% human hair extensions are a great option for women who want fuller, longer hair. Just be sure to properly care for your extensions and they will stay looking healthy and beautiful!

 Do you have hair extensions? What’s your favourite type and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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