Cleaning Guide For Colored Human Hair Wigs

Recently, bright color wigs are in short supply. Many customers who have already bought them cherish their wigs very much, and want to know how often they should wash their color human hair wigs before they can keep their wigs beautiful for a long time. This article will provide you with a guide to help you clean.

What are color wigs


In recent years, color wigs have become very popular. These wigs are available in many colors. This flexibility makes these color wigs very popular. Whether you are looking for honey blonde, blue , pink or red wigs, very lucky you can find it on our website.Our hair is truly 10A grade 100% human hair, cut directly from young girls' heads, very soft and easy to style.


Why choose to buy color wigs


  1. Affordable price

It’s much cheaper to buy a color wig from Allovehair than to yourself and color it.This is because when you choose to color a wig, you will have to buy all the tools needed to dye it, which will increase the cost .


  1. Save time

You still have to spend precious time coloring the wig. You can buy color wigs from reputable hair manufacturers to avoid all the troubles.


  1. Multiple choices

Wigs in our shop come in various colors, and you can freely find and choose what you like.P4/613 and P4/27 honey blonde wigs , 613 blonde and ginger blonde wigs, #27and #4 human hair wigs, sliver grey and highlight grey wigs is our hot sale color wig.

How often do you wash color wigs


  1. Frequency of wearing wigs

If you often wear a color wig, it means it will get dirty quickly. So you have to clean it regularly, twice a week. If you don’t wear wigs often, then you don’t have to clean them often, usually once a week or two weeks later.


  1. The quality of the wig

The quality of a wig can also determine how often you wash it. The lower quality wigs after are washed, it is easier to deteriorate, and they begin to fall off and tangle.But our shop uses 100% human virgin hair, which is of high quality and not easily damaged.


  1. Maintenance of wigs

A well-maintained color wig doesn’t need more cleaning. If you sleep without a wig, store it properly, and take care of your wig at ordinary times, then you don’t need to clean it often, because it is in good condition. Excessive cleaning will also hurt our wigs.


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