Common Problems In The Use Of Human Hair

  1. Why is human hair tangling?

Tangling comes from not properly caring for your hair. Human hair bundles or human hair wigs needs to be cared for just as you would care for your hair growing out the head.Comb your hair from the bottom up with the right amount of force, do not pull too hard, and do not start from the middle of the hair as this will cause the hair to become more tangled .



  1. Why is the hair shedding?

When hair is new out the package, ideally it’s best to advise the customer to shampoo first before wearing to remove any “loose hairs”. This should be done by creating a shampoo bath, dipping the hair in and out of a basin,and combing through with a wide tooth comb.Hair stylists usually recommend washing your hair at least once every two weeks.


  1. How long will human hair bundles or wig unit last?

These wigs and bundles can last up to half a year, some even longer. Everyone cares for their units differently. The better care that is taken with the units, the longer the hair will last. When human hair extensions, lace front wigs units, closures or frontal are not being used, shampoo, condition, and store is very important .


  1. How do I store my hair when at home or when traveling?

Traveling with a unit? Never stuff your wig in a bag. Always detangle first and place in a plastic zip lock bag. If hair is longer than the bag, pin curl the ends so the hair stays tamed, let all the air out the bag, seal, and go.Advise customers to place a wig unit on a mannequin head when not in use, also allowing long wig units to hang freely off the dresser or sit the mannequin head on a broomstick and place it in a corner to stand.If hair is curly, give it a fresh shampoo/ condition as instructed above, apply leave-in conditioner, drip dry and store in a long plastic bag. Don't detangle the curly hair until you have reached your destination.


  1. Can the hair take color?

Absolutely! But also keep in mind in order to achieve maximum desired results hair should be taken to a professional for various color achievements.Incorrect applying caustic hair dye to the lace can damage the wig. Please note that the natural black color hair can be dyed to lightest color is #27 color, it can't be dyed 613 blonde color. If you like 613 blonde color , you can buy it directly on our website. The 613 blonde color of hair can be dyed any color you want, red, green, purple or pink...


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