Hair Loss And Exercise

For those of us who want to look our very best and stay healthy, fit and active - it's hard to tell someone who has a fairly regular exercise routine that they have to change it or not exercise as much. Wait, isn't exercise good for me? Well, yes it is good for everyone to stay active. But, as there is with everything else in this world, there can be too much of a good thing. Certain types of exercise have been said to raise testosterone levels in men and sometimes even women. If you ever notice female body wave hair builders, they tend to have very masculine figures due to the type of exercise they are doing, in their case it's weightlifting.

So, with certain exercises, most notably weightlifting, raise testosterone levels in the body, it has also been said that this type of exercise under these conditions can cause hair loss in men and women. And a majority of those that experience hair loss that suspected it was from their exercise routine were actually women. This is not saying that exercising will cause hair loss - but it is possible that over exercising has negative affects on the body. When trying to determine what is causing your malaysian hair loss, it's important that active individuals look at their exercise regimens to rule out if that may be causing hormonal changes in the body so much that it is affecting the follices. Since the main cause of genetic hair loss is the production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone in the body, it wouldn't be crazy to think that over-exercising would cause this.

Before resorting to the result that your exercise regimen is causing thinning, it's important to go to the doctor to get a diagnosis - sometimes it can be from something else entirely unrelated. So when choosing a hair loss treatment, you choose the correct one that will work based on the cause of your condition. Tell your doctor about your exercise routine and your concerns that it might be causing this condition. It's also important to look at your family history to see if genetic wholesale hair loss runs in the family. It's important to rule out every other cause before assuming it's from over-exercising. We are a Los Angeles hair restoration clinic in Beverly Hills, California.



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