How Many Bundles To Make A Complete Head?

How many bundles to make a complete head? When people buy hair weaves, they first want to know the answer to this question.It depends on the look you want, including the hairstyle you want, the length you want, the size of your head, and whether you use lace closure or a lace frontal.

How many bundles do I use to achieve my desired look?This article will introduce you to the 5 most important factors in choosing a hair weaves.

1.The Length You Want
The longer you want your hair to be, the more hair bundles you'll need. Our natural hair growth is the root nutrient-rich will be thicker, the more to the hair tip will be finer. So if you want a fuller look, buy more bunches.

If you want an 8-14 inch Bob wig, all you need is two bundles of hair. If you want to buy a human hair bundle between 16 and 20 inches in length, you only need three. If it's longer than 22 inches, you can buy four or more bundles.

There is another problem you need to pay attention to! Our hair is longer at the back and shorter at the temples around the forehead and ears. When you buy hair bundles to make wigs, you can buy them in different lengths. Our website has bundled with closure, and bundles with frontal,which you can buy on your own.


2.The Hairstyle You Want

Because the density of different hairstyles varies, you'll need a different number of bundles to use.

Some popular hairstyles are: straight hair, body wave hair, curly hair, water wave hair,deep wave hair, loose wave hair, kinky curly hair, etc. A full wig usually requires 2-3 hair bundles. Straight hair has a lower density and you need more bundles to get a fuller look. For straight hair, you can choose 3-4 bundles. If you want longer hair, you need more strands. Curly waves and body waves have a volume on their own and don't need too many bundles to maintain a full look.


3.The Size Of Your Head

In the United States, the average female head size is 22.5 inches. You need to buy hair bundles according to your actual situation.You need to think about the style you want first and decide whether to use lace closure or a lace frontal.


4.How Many Bundles Do You Need With A Closure?

A lace closure is used to finish off your hair wig style that blends with your natural hair. Lace closures are of equal length and width on your scalp. It comes in different sizes, but the most popular and popular size for women is 4*4 lace closure and 5*5 lace closure. There are three different options for closure: middle part lace closure, free part lace closure, and three-part lace closure.

You will need to use a minimum of two bundles with one closure. 2-3 hair bundles with closure are standard. Add an extra bundle if you want a fuller look. Other specific things you can refer to what we talked about earlier how do you choose a hair bundle with different lengths.


5.How Many Bundles Do You Need With A Frontal?

The lace front closure is a kind of half-wig, from ear to ear. The lace frontal is wider than the lace closure width. The lace frontal size is 13*4, but there are also 13*2.With lace frontal, you can part your hair in almost any way. Lace frontal creativity doesn't limit your hairstyle design and offers a wide range of styles. You can enjoy a side part or middle part, a high ponytail, French or waterfall braids. Because it gives you the illusion of the scalp. It starts at the ears and runs through the hairline, and any design you make will look natural.

A lace frontal is passed from ear to ear, you use fewer hair bundles than lace closure. If you are getting 10-18 inches, 2 bunches of front lace will suffice. If your hair is longer than 16 or 18 inches, I recommend buying 3 bundles. To sum up, buy 2-3 bundles to make you look natural and plump, and 3-4 bundles to make you look fuller.

Generally, 3-4 hair bundles are natural weight, but if you use too many bundles, you can end up with a heavy wig. You can buy it according to your needs (length, hairstyle, etc).


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