How To Buy Your First Wig 7 Important Steps For You

     Millions of people wear wigs every day, and you are definitely not alone. Buying your first wig can be a daunting process. But rest assured, don't be afraid! Over the years, wigs have improved significantly and can now provide the precise look you want and blend perfectly with the scalp and facial features. Please follow the 7 steps below to choose a wig easily!
STEP 1 Your head circumference
     Measure your head circumference accurately and choose a wig cap that fits your size.
From the front of the hairline, the back of the ear to the nape of the neck to the other ear, align the tape measure with the other end of the hairline.
STEP 2 What is your face shape?
     When choosing a wig style, the priority is not your personal preference. Instead, you should carefully consider which wig type best suits your face shape.
     Even though you may prefer a certain wig style, the most important thing to remember is which wig best makes your head and face look more flattering.
This will help you determine the length, texture and overall style of the wig to choose from. The following are different face shapes and styles, each of which looks the most suitable.
STEP 3Hair length
There are 3 lengths in total: short wig, medium-long wig, and long wig
Short wigs are suitable for use in certain places, or if you feel that your body is always hot.
    The longer the wig (just like the longer your hair), the more heat is trapped, and you may feel warmer throughout the day.Short wigs are easier to maintain, dry faster, style faster, and cost less. (But the choice is your choice, don't let money be the way you want to look.)
     Short wigs are more suitable for everyone, but long wigs may be highly restricted. If you are not tall, then don't choose a wig that is too long, so that the proportions appear weird.
STEP 4 Hair Texture
      Wavy: flowing and elastic, but not curled.
      Curl: Heat friendly, pop up like tight.
      Straight: Silky soft like waterfall
STEP 5 Choose a wig that suits your makeup
     Determine the clothes you want to wear, and then choose the makeup you want to make up.
STEP 6 Does it suit your mood?
     Human hair wigs look more natural and allow you to style your hair in different ways, including splitting. They can be cut short and shaped like natural hair. They can be washed, but it takes up to 24 hours to dry completely.
The look and feel of artificial wigs are not very natural. They need a special shampoo, but it should be dried in about 6 hours. They are usually cheaper than natural wigs.
     Normally we suggest human hair lace front wigs other than synthetic wigs, becuase it's more natural and easy to wear, however it need depends your budget and personal preferences.
STEP 7 Choose a wig that will affect your daily life
     Do you usually spend most of the day at the table? Or do you lead a very active life including sports?If you spend the entire day on the table, then you may want to choose an artificial wig or a heat-resistant synthetic wig.They are not as durable as human wigs, but you can take advantage of a smaller price because your requirements for wigs will not be very high.On the other hand, if you are usually more active, human hair and high-grade human hair and Remy hair wigs may be better because they are the most durable.
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