Maintain Tips For 613 Blonde Wigs

Hesitating to change your hairstyle? Confused about whether to buy a 613 blonde wig or not? What is 613 blonde hair? How to style a 613 blonde wig? How to take care of a 613 blonde wig?


How To Care For A 613 Blonde Wig?


613 Blonde wigs are often one of the most popular, elegant, and colorful human hair styles. However, blonde is usually the most fragile and delicate shade. Improper maintenance of this particular wig can make it look dull, dry, brittle, or brassy.


In this part, we'll discuss the various methods and precautions you need to take to minimize damage while effectively caring for your blonde human hair wig.


  1. Avoid overheating

Always make sure your hair is dry and tangle-free before using a hair splint. Let your blonde wig air dry, then untie it before continuing with the heat protective agent. When using the splint, make sure it's below 350 degrees Fahrenheit and avoid pressing it tightly against your hair.


  1. Do some proper conditioning

Another effective way to maintain a blonde human hair wig is to condition it to maintain good moisture and nutrition. Conditioner plays a very critical role, it infuses the hair with moisture while closing the cuticle, helping to maintain blonde hair and reduce fading.


Deep conditioning can also maintain blonde wigs. 613 Blonde wigs generally need plenty of moisture and protection; therefore, deep conditioning will get you out of trouble. Your hair will be repaired, your scalp will be fully moisturized and breakage is completely prevented. Lastly, using deep conditioning usually leaves your hair very fresh.


  1. Use hair spray regularly

Hairspray comes in handy as it is great for lightening bleached, highlighted, color-treated blond, or light brown human hair wigs. The hairspray consists of a few formulas enriched with chamomile, citrus, and honey, which often work synergistically to lighten your wig. Hair sprays usually become effective after a few applications. Some formulas contain natural plant-based ingredients, while others contain bleach.


  1. Keep away from the sun

It will look great with a blonde wig on the outside. It will make you feel safer. However, one thing happens - more sunlight can damage your skin and the blond wig on top. Dangerous UV columns can dry out your hair and turn your blonde wig hue into a strong orange hue. Here's why you should wear a magic hat to reduce the sun's effect on your wig. You can opt for a UV/shield to protect your blonde wig.


  1. Oil your wig carefully

Women have to admit that, because of its texture, the amount of hair oil to care for the blonde wig may be the most complicated and troublesome. Therefore, using poor-quality hair oil when styling your wig can make your hair look messy and dull. Be extra careful with oils with yellowish tones, as they can get into your hair and are sure to stain your blonde wig.


  1. Choose shampoos without sulfates

Sulfates are what cause shampoos to lather and create air bubbles. Unfortunately, these chemicals strip natural oils and hair proteins. Since blonde hair is already black hair we remove color, these shampoos will do the same for your wig. If you want to keep your hair in perfect condition, you need to buy a sulfate-free shampoo.


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