How To Care For Colored Wigs

More and more people obsessed colored wigs,2019-2022 sales volume of colored human hair wigs are more than the natural color human hair  wigs. While people are obsessed with colored wigs, they are also worried about how to maintain it. This article will solve the problem for you.

1.  Refresh your color with a color depositing shampoo

Whenever you feel like your strands could use a refresh, swap out your color-safe shampoo with a red color depositing shampoo. Formulated with red pigments, it'll instantly revive your red between color touch-ups.


2.  Use a hair mask

Everyone can benefit from a hair mask. A hair mask keeps color-treated hair hydrated, which is a must for keeping hair color vibrant. To keep your colored wigs from fading, use a hair mask once a week. Apply it to towel-dried hair after shampooing, leave it on for 3 minutes, comb through, and rinse with cool water.


3.  Use dry shampoo in between wash days

We already told you that you should be washing your hair 2 times a week tops. This will help you hold onto your shade longer. But what do you do if your hair gets greasy on the off days? You get yourself a good dry shampoo. Look for an invisible formula, so you don't get white residue on your wigs.


4.  Wear a hat

To protect your hair from weather that can strip your hair of moisture and leave it looking dull, wear a hat. Extend the life of your wigs  (and protect yourself from UV rays) by throwing on a cap whenever you plan to be outdoors.


5.  Avoid swimming pools

If you can't avoid the pool completely, avoid over-chlorination by wetting your hair with tap water and adding conditioner before you go in. Even better, stock up with a swim cap so hair is covered — any funny looks you get will be worth it when you remove the cap to reveal the appearance of gorgeous, shiny, and bright hair.

6.  Ditch heat styling

Colored hair is more vulnerable to heat than natural black hair. So while heat styling is damaging to all hair, it's especially harsh on hair that's been dyed. To preserve the life of your colored wigs , please try to avoid styling with heat. But if you absolutely must use a blow-dryer or use a flat iron, be sure to protect your hair with a heat protectant spray.


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