Precautions For Buying Human Hair Wigs

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people’s requirements for image are getting higher and higher. Choose a correct wig that fits you will makes you look younger and more confident, just like your real hair, with a natural shine. So, what do you need to know when buying a wig? And how to choose a correct wig for yourself? I believe this article will help you.


1.  Color of wigs

While choose the hair color, you first need to know is what you are buying your wig for.

If it's for the daily use, such as school girls, or work-class girls, the natural black human hair wig will be the best choice, if you prefer the colored wigs, maybe you could consider the dark colored hair, such as #4, #99J, #highlight honey blondeand #grey ...

If you are freelancers, such as Youtuber, beauty blogger who has no constraints from superiors or bosses, you have more choices, besides the natural black, colored wig such as #613, #pink, #ginger... just follow your heart!


2.  Hairstyle of wigs

Different hair styles will bring you a different looking, while choose the hair length and wave, it is more important to choose according to your own like.

Firstly, for the hair length: if you prefer long wigs, the length between 26-32inches would be better; if you more like short looking, consider the 16-24inches short wigs is OK; if you want shorter looking, just try the short bob wigs, length starts 8-14inches.

Secondly, for the hair wave: if you are busy with work or study( or lazy girls such as myself), do not want spend more time on hair cares, it is recommend that you order the straight, body wave; on the contrary, you could try the others texture, the highly recommend is deep curly wave! Then loose , curly hair, water wave...

While choose the hair length and hairstyle, one thing you need know is the longer inches, the more time costed! The smaller curls, the more care needed!


3.  Lace size for wigs

Lace is the most important thing, choose your lace carefully, you need know following 2 tips:

1). Firstly is the lace size you want, it directly decided the parting and the styles you could do. The most common lace sizes are13*4 and 13*4 lace frontal wigs and 6*6/ 5*5/ 4*4 lace closure wigs. 360 lace frontal wigs and full lace wigs have more lace can offer more parting spaces and styles you could do,but the price is also considerable, more lace size, more expensive.

2). Secondly is the lace types, the best lace in the market is Swiss lace, and all high quality wigs use the good quality Swiss lace! Lace color includes medium brown and HD transparent.Of course the most suitable and invisible is HD transparent lace, because it fit all skin color!!!

Some of new wig beginners may not familiar with the lace, if one would like the wigs without lace, here also the choices for you: U/V part wigs, headband wigs,Machine Made Wigs... These wigs are both no lace, no glue, beginner friendly, price affordable!!!


4.  Density of wigs

The most normal density in the market are 150% and 180% density wigs. For the hair length, under the premise of keeping it natural, normally 12-26 inches recommend 150% or 180% density, 28- 30 inches recommend 200% or 250 density.The principle is the longer inches, the higher density you need!

5.  Size of wigs cap

The wig default size is medium (21.65-22.5inch), which fits more than 95% women. Because the wig with an adjustable elastic band straps inside, you could adjust the size according to your size. But if you doubt the size, you could measure your head size first ,then ask our pre sale colleague to recommend the suitable size for you(


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