Scalp Prosthesis of Different Types Available Online

A scalp prosthesis is a straight lace frontal wig for men and women dealing basically developed to cover the scalp that is bare for a long time due to a medical condition. The hair prosthesis offers a natural looking appearance and the feeling of wearing real hair. Common medical conditions contributing to partial or complete brazilian hair loss include chemotherapy treatments because of cancer, trichotillomania and alopecia.


There is no denying the fact that several insurance companies will cover the cost of using the therapy of scalp prosthesis. It is because scalp prosthesis is a prescription treatment that can be used after prescribing by a registered practitioner. It is indispensable for your doctor to use accurate terminology on your prescription so that your insurance provider must understand your requirement and eventually pay the reimbursement.


Lace and thin skin are sought after types of scalp prosthesis among patients and normal people:


Full lace wigs are featherweight in netting material. When the right lace color is chosen, this kind of scalp prosthesis blends with your skin and is almost hard to sense. At the same time, it also provides you comfort and boosts your persona. Available in varies shapes and styles, can be worn in high ponytails, updos and braids.


Thin skin wigs, another popular form of scalp prosthesis, are made of polyurethane and come in various colors to complement your skin tone. Thin skin can be purchased around the perimeter or the entire wig. This wig is designed in compliance with the current style and fashion to give its user a glamorous and attractive look. The thin skin base enhances the beauty of your facial contour if the peruvian hair in this scalp prosthesis comes with a lighter density hair. The scalp prosthesis of thin skin wigs are durable as compared to the lace wigs for thin skin is not made of breathable material and can withstand the condition of cooler climates. For those suffering from severe hair loss, wearing thin skin scalp prosthesis can give them security and a sense of vacuum-sealed scalp. Last but not the least, scalp prosthesis is available in online stores and users can get it at an affordable price from the comfort of their homes.



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