Synthetic Or Human Hair Wigs Which One Is Best For You

Have you ever wanted to completely change your hairstyle just for a few days, or even for just one day, to see how you would look? As a brunette, have you ever wondered what you would look like as a blonde? With wigs, you can do just that, completely change your look, for as long as you want. But, with all the different kinds of wigs on the market, which one is the right kind for you: synthetic or human hair wigs?


Choosing to wear a wig can be very economical in the long run. And, with the new cap styles that are available, they are also much more comfortable to wear, and just as versatile as your own hair. When choosing a human hair lace closure wigs , it is not as simple as choosing a synthetic material or buying natural hair wigs, but rather it depends on how often you are going to wear it, and how much time you can devote to caring for it.

The majority of human hair wigs for black women available are made up of hair originating from Asia, and as long as they are left in their natural state, the wigs made with this hair is dark, thick and beautiful. It is when they try to make Asian hair look European or North America that the hair becomes over processed and damaged. If you are looking to purchase natural hair wigs with a particular "look", be sure to choose one made of hair from the particular region you want your new look to come from: domestic, European, or Asian. Anything else you run the risk of the wigs being made from damaged hair.


The advantages of human hair wigs include:


It will last longer than a synthetic one.


It will be soft and feel natural to the touch.


It can be styled and dyed, just like your own hair.


It will breathe so that your scalp will not perspire as much.


The disadvantages of these wigs are:


It will need to be styled after every wash.


They can be very expensive to purchase.


Even though there may be thousands of synthetic fiber wigs available on the market, not all of the synthetic fibers used to create them are of equal quality. There are top quality synthetic fiber creations available, but you will be paying a higher price for the privilege. For price and quality issues, stick with a brand you are familiar with from other products, because these will almost always produce a natural-looking piece for sale.


The advantages of synthetic fiber:


It is very easy to care for, and will not have to be styled after washing.


Always lower priced than those made with real hair.


The disadvantages of synthetic fiber:


You are stuck with the style it has from the start and most curling irons will destroy it if you try.


You cannot brush a synthetic fiber creation.


It is not made for everyday use, most synthetic fiber creations will only last a few months if you try.

When it comes to purchasing any wig, the main factors you must consider before purchasing one are: use and care. If you will not be wearing one every day, nor do you have the time to do a daily care routine on any wig, then purchase synthetic fiber. If you have the time, and wish to be able to wear it on a whim or every day, and try different styles without buying separate pieces, then by all means, go with human hair bundles. The price may be another determining factor, but for quality, you may be wiser to pay the higher cost.


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