The Secret To Longer-Lasting Wigs

Wearing a human hair wig is a fashion trend for African American women, it is necessary to change the hairstyle according to the season and occasion. Wigs are an excellent choice for various hairstyles. They can be dyed, bleached, and permed, and can last a long time and look natural. Most people tend to wear human hair wigs. But do you know how to care for the human hair wigs and make it last longer? Today let’s talk about this.

Why do we need to care for the human hair wigs?

1.The expensive price

For us, human hair wig is a big investment. The mainly important reason is that they are expensive compared to synthetic ones. This is because they are made with natural hair. If a woman is on a tight budget, they may find human hair wigs too expensive for them to buy. Although they are expensive, human hair wigs provide a higher value for your money.

2.They may tangle

Human wigs, especially long and curly wigs can tangle easily. This is why you need to brush it with a wide-tooth comb to prevent it from tangling. A wig full of tangles and knots can look dull and ugly.

  1. Requires maintenance

Just like our real natural hair, these wigs need to be taken care of, which can be a bit tedious. The wigs need to be washed, conditioned, and re-styled regularly. This is the only way to maintain their natural shine and extend their lifespan. If you don’t have the time to do all these, you could find maintaining human hair wigs quite overwhelming. However, if you have a tight schedule, you may schedule an appointment with your hairstylist to help you wash, condition, and style the wig.

How to make human hair wigs last longer?

1.When washing the wig, please rinse hair under warm water.

2.Always avoid brushing the hair when wet as this can damage it

3.After washing your wig, you need to condition it. Care should be taken when applying the conditioner. Always use your fingers instead of a comb during the disentangle process starting from the tip of the hair working your way up. Avoid application of conditioner to the base of the wig as it can loosen the knots on the cap.

4.If you are considering cutting or applying chemicals such as a dye on your human hair wig, ensure that it is done by a professional

5.Use a wig stand or mannequin head to store your wig when not wearing it. This will help to avoid the wig from forming kinks or crimps

6.When storing, ensure the stand base is smaller than the wig base to prevent the wig cap from expanding and make it lose its shape.

7.Keep your wig away from direct sunlight. When exposed to extremely harsh sunlight, human wigs tend to fade. If you want to maintain your wig’s shine and attractiveness, avoid harsh sunlight as much as you can.

8.Chlorinated and seawater should also be avoided if you want to maintain the wig’s color and texture.

9.When sleeping, remove the wig. Sleeping in your wig may make it prone to tangles, knots, and breakage.

10.Never cover a damp wig. This might promote the growth of fungus and germs.

11.Always use products designed for human hair wigs. Avoid substandard products as they can damage your beautiful hair


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