Tips for Hair Extension Protection in Summer

Summer is the only season where it seems appropriate to be completely free, to take risks, to frolic and bask around the beaches and poolsides of the world. But just like skin, hair needs careful protection from the sun and fun of summer. Sun, sweat, salt water, and chlorine can damage a naturally silky head of hair, and for those of us with hair extensions (guilty!), Here are some tips to keep in mind as you move through the hot summer months.

The hair extensions are made of can be treated just like your regular hair. It's the bonds or tape that are fragile and require extra care, and each faces different challenges during the summer. For bonded extensions, the biggest threat is water.When it comes to tape-in extensions, it's actually your sun- and skin-care products that pose the biggest threat.Wash or rinse your hands after applying lotions to avoid depositing any residue from your products on your hair, which may cause the tape to slip.

Many people think getting a hair extension is the end of all their troubles. The hair problems magically disappear and now all you need to worry about is looking good in a black outfit that well compliments the new hair color you got. To an extent, this is correct but when the heat of the summers kicks in, the problems begin to show up.

Thankfully, all this pain of having a messy hair extension can be avoided if you take a little care of your hair wavy locks. Considering the summer is here and I have you freaked out (a little), let me tell you the easiest ways to take care of your colored hair extensions this summer.


It’s summer and there are going to be pool parties and beach volleyball everywhere. You got hair extensions to look hot and skipping any party that gives you a chance to look hot should not be missed. This is why I recommend taking a little care of the extensions. The hair is fine. You can treat them like natural hair.

The problem lies with the bond used to get the hair extensions fixed on the head. This is the part of the extensions which can break. Thus, minimize your time in the water, create a loosely hanging bun while swimming and never go into the ocean or the pool with a ponytail. The water can make the bonding weak and that is what you need to keep in mind when in water. However, the tape-in extensions do not possess such a risk in water.This should be one of the most important takeaways from this post. Jumping in the pool, ocean, or showering with your clip in hair extensions is a big no-no.

There are two main reasons why you shouldn’t get your hair extensions wet this summer.


Ok, so bonded extensions do not like water, then what about tape-in extensions? How should they be treated? The hair part of the tape-in hair can be treated like natural hair. The problem is with the tape-in part on the sides of the forehead where the extensions are set to look like original hair.

This tape can come off if your body lotion or sunscreen stays in contact with them for a long time. The best way out is to wash away any extra lotion in hand after application on the skin and drying your hands completely before touching the hair, especially the sides of the head.


When you buy hair extensions, you are given advice on how to take care of your new investment. You are told to treat them like your own hair. Protect them from sunlight, brush them regularly, wash them when required and visit your stylist as you would have if it were yours.

In the middle of all this, one important piece of information that unfortunately does not get the required amount of attention is the frequency of application of shampoo and conditioner. It is advisable that you limit the use of shampoo to not more than thrice per week. Plus, never let the conditioner reach the roots of the hair. Conditioner has powerful chemicals which can make the bond lose. This holds true for bond as well as tape-in extensions.


One common mistake that many users often commit is using the wrong brush. Brushing is easy and can extend the life of your extensions. However, this is only if you use the right kind of brush. Avoid the normal brushes made for original hair. The teeth of such brushes are tightly packed which are not required by the hair extensions. A special comb or brush is available for the extension hair. This comb is quite effective and delivers great results. However, to untangle the ends of the hair, you can use a regular hair brush.


Thanks to summers and chemical on the hair, extensions lose their luster and tend to look dry. Thus, many experts recommend using a good serum or argan oil to keep your hair from having a dry look. However, do not let the serum come near or around the base of the extensions. If you are not sure how to apply the serum to the hair extensions, visit a salon for treatment. Some hair extension dries up faster than others. Keep an eye on the state of your hair extensions and give them the treatment as and when required.


I totally understand the need of having wavy hair at this time of the year. The beach wavy hair looks marvelous and goes with your beach outfit; but trust me, you do not need any salt spray in your hair extensions.

Like shampoo, serum, and oil, a Spray can come in contact with the bonding mechanism and make it fragile. To have a beach hairstyle, try using curl enhancing conditioners on damp hair and you will soon see the desired results.



Ultraviolet rays are not a myth and they are highly dangerous for the human beings. The same holds true for human beings with hair extensions. The best way to protect your hair from the harmful rays of the sun is by applying a small amount of silicon coating spritz on the hair.

Such sprays are made for original hair but are hundred percent safe for hair extensions as well. These products block UV rays from damaging the hair by forming a protective layer on top of the hair. Keep your hair well hydrated and moisturized and you will notice that they are so much easier to manage.


Think of summer as an excuse to take a break from all sorts of heating tools and go for more carefree looks. The summer has enough heat to dry your hair and you should not be the one helping the season to score more than it should. Just follow the above guide given for hair extension care and you will notice that your hair extensions feel like new even after years of use.


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