What Are The Key Factors That Influence A Wig's Price

As a wig beginner, we often feel so confused when trying to buy a wig but the wigs' prices vary in a large range. It's really hard to decide which one is the best one, and it will get harder when someone comments below a product that we trying to buy, saying she/he has bought a much cheaper one from another place.As wig is not a standard product, which means there are no clear standards to judge whether a wig is good or not but don't worry, in this article, we will talk about the main factors that influence the prices of wigs, which will help you to choose a most suitable one.

 1.Hair Material

Wigs are mainly using two kinds of hair materials, synthetic hair, and human hair. Allovehair.com only offers human hair wigs, so we mainly talk about human hair.

(1) What's the difference in Indian Hair, Malaysian Hair, Chinese Hair, and Brazilian Hair?

These are classified by the hair source, by which country we bought the hair. The price is not decided mainly by hair source, but decided by whether the hair is virgin or not.

(2), what's the difference between virgin hair and remy hair?

Virgin human hair is the hair that hasn't been chemically altered in any way, this includes dyes, perms, bleaching, and other popular processes. 10A grade Remy hair is the high quality hair. It is cut directly from the young girl's head. It is provided by a single donor. It is soft and easy to style.

Obviously, the remy hair will be more expensive than, virgin hair, because it's more strength,more styling can be done. For people with insufficient budget, virgin hair is a good choice.


 2.Hair Length

Hair length is an obvious factor that affects the wig price, the longer hair needs a longer time to grow, and will be more and more expensive, because, with the development of the economy in every country, girls are likely to change their hairstyles more often than before, the longer hair will be more and more rarer.

3.Cap Construction

Different cap construction needs a different amount of hand works. That's why you might be found that sometimes a synthetic wig is even expensive than a human hair wig.

There're mainly three kinds of cap constructions in the market.

(1) Full lace cap wig is the most expensive type of wig, because the whole head hair is hand tied to the cap lace, which allows you to part the hair as free as your own hair.

(2) 360 lace cap wigs is a creative cap construction, it's designed to a very clever way, it has lace all around the circumference, not only allows you to free part in the front but also allows you to wear in a high ponytail by gluing down the lace around the neck, just like the full lace cap.

(3) 13*4 lace front cap wigs are an affordable alternative to full lace cap wigs. But the prices are still different when the area of the lace front part is different, it will be comparatively more expensive when the hand tied lace part is larger.

(4) 4*4 lace closure cap wig is the most economical choice, because the handmade lace is the smallest, so the price is relatively low. It can make to middle part and side part .It is the best choice that most people can afford.


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