When to Consider Hair Extensions?

Have you ever found yourself wondering how hairstylists create such breathtaking up dos for celebrities, yet when you ask your stylist to recreate the look, it doesn't even compare? Sometimes it seems like no matter how talented a stylist is, she just can't create the same effect on a normal head. Are celebrities really so genetically superior?

Not necessarily. The secret? Celebrities almost always have a little help from their trusted friends: hair extensions. Allove human hair bundles not only add volume, length and dimension to up dos, but sometimes they are the only reason that a particular undo is possible in the first place.

Women who have never previously considered hair extensions often turn to them for special events like holiday parties and award ceremonies. One of the most popular events to consider hair extensions are weddings.

Your wedding day might not be the only day that your hair needs to be perfect, but it's probably the most important. So often, brides scour wedding books, Facebook, and P interest for the undo of their dreams, only to find out from a hairstylist that their brazilian virgin hair texture, color and length just don't suit the look. A similar, slightly altered look might be possible, but wedding days are really not the time to settle!

Your hairstylists can easily apply layers of extensions if volume is your folly. They can add to the length if your 'do needs more than you have. And they can amp up the dimension of your color to really make complicated looks pop.

While you can use clip in extensions for a last minute fix on your big day, it might be a better idea to get pre bonded or micro ring extensions applied professionally about a week before your event. This way, any kinks can be worked out during a trial run before the real thing.

Choosing your look can be made a little easier once you decide to use hair extensions, because you need not be limited by length or volume. Styles should still match your updo to your personality, the tone of your wedding, and, of course, your dress. If your dress is strapless, an updo that shows off your shoulders and collar-bone is stunning, like a side bun, a side swept ponytail, or a chignon. Hair extensions can make these styles look fuller and more elegant.

Simple dresses can be enhanced with more intricate updos, like cascading curls or wrap-around braids. Most women do not have the time to grow and maintain peruvian virgin hair long enough for the full effect of these styles. Hair extensions can make these fancy up dos possible by giving your hair stylist enough to work with.

Many modern brides embrace a beachier, I-just-woke-up-this-beautiful kind of a look with long flowing waves, or half-back curls. Hair extensions can really make this look work, making you look effortlessly gorgeous, instead of just effortless. Whether it's your wedding day, your first date, or the party when you are getting the big promotion, hair extensions will make the simplest and the most intricate updos even more stunning.

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