Why Choose 100 % Brazilian Hair ?

Been invited to a wedding or special occasion, but your hair is nowhere near as long or thick as you would like? Not a problem! Simply turn to hair extensions. Look at the rich and famous, one day they will have chic bobs, and the next they'll be flaunting long, lush curls and waves. If you want to enjoy these same benefits, use hair extensions and reach your goal.

What are the best brazilian hair? Well, would you want to be seen at a fancy place wearing artificial hair? Quality is very important, and by determining your styling needs, you can find out what exactly you require and what for.

3 bundles with 4*4 closure human hair bundles

Synthetic hair extensions are not really meant for things like weddings or formal events, simply because they are very limited when it comes to styling and the quality isn't the greatest. You want to look as natural as possible, right? So choose brazilian. These kinds of extensions feature  human hair bundles that has been divided into different grades according to quality. For example the highest grade would be A, with 100 percent human hair that has the cuticles intact and aligned. Next come grades B and C with lower quality and a cheaper price. Human hair extensions can be styled just like your natural locks, meaning that they can be colored, blow dried, straightened, washed, cut and curled normally.

Synthetic hair extensions, on the other hand, are made with artificial fibers like silicone and polyester which possess a different kind of shine and weight compared to real human hair. Synthetic extensions also have limited styling, and can't be dyed; heat styled or washed too often. Even if you blow dry these extensions, they will end up blowing in a different direction to your natural locks, or will simply lay flat because the strands are heavier than real human hair.

Good quality brazilian hair of course, are more expensive than synthetic ones or regular ones. This is because of the lengthy process involved in making them, since the hair is boiled and hand selected so that it's all the same length. These can blend in more easily with your natural locks and can produce superior results.

You can of course find 100 percent brazilian hair in many different types of extensions, for example, clip ins, colored hair,

tape extensions and so one. All that's left is to decide what your hair can handle the best and what you are willing to use to look fab.

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