Why You Want to Get Brazilian Hair

Brazilian Hair are the perfect solution for anyone who is looking to give volume to the hair. Often a smooth and very thin hair tends to flatten easily and unfortunately, is struggling to keep the fold. Use of hair hairpieces more help to give a little 'support. Yes, because the extensions are not only used to lengthen their hair, but also to increase the volume. Small tricks by hairdressers can totally change people's heads look.

There are different types of extensions: the best known are those clips and those semi-permanent. In the first case these are strands that come made only when necessary and attach themselves to the hair with combs or small clips. Imagine you have an important occasion? Just pull out of the drawer of your kit hairpieces and create fabulous hairstyle. Ended opportunity, remove the clip and store everything in the drawer. Comfortable, practical and fast enough. This formula is also quite cheap. If you want to have more than one defect: one must be careful to apply the hair properly, so you can not see anything.

The semi-permanent Brazilian straight Hair are very beautiful and well done if you do not notice at all. How do they work? Apply directly on the strand, with a mixture of resin and keratin (there are different products and different compositions) and last for several months. They may have a variable length. The maximum extension is 60 cm and by the way there are many colors ( 70 different colors ), so you can easily find a shade suits you naturally.

Fixed hair extension with  keratin :

The most common method and with greater duration is that of keratin. A dedicated is heated with iron and used as a sort of glue to attach the strands of extension directly to the hair. The result is very natural, the term also extends to 4-5 months. To dissolve the keratin must be removed with a sort of acid. This method is not recommended for those who have thin hair and delicate hairs.

Extension sewn with needle and thread  :

The locks are literally sewn with needle and thread with different weaving techniques. To remove them, simply cut that knot. This method doesn't make alot damage to the hair, the strands of Brazilian Body Wave Hair that I once removed can be reused.

Extension with  micro-ring :

Another non-invasive method that does not damage the hair is to put the strands of hair in ' ring on the end of the strands of hair extensions, slide it down to the skin and crush it with pliers. With this method, the duration is nearly about a month and these strands can be used again.

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