Fairy Twisted Bun | Halloween Styles


Everyone will be spellbound on Halloween night, thanks to this dainty, fairy-inspired bun that’s perfect for lob-length hair. In this simple hairstyle tutorial, influencer Allovehair demonstrates how to twist curls into a romantic low bun and adds flowers to complete the look. 

Bring you guys this cute fairy acid bun so ,Let started first things first to create fairy twisted bun , take this rat tail comb and take this rat tail ,a deep side part now that my hair is in a side part.


ake micro renewal reactivating and spritz this throughout all the hair and  hydrate hair and redefine the curls .next clip back this section of the hair once the hair is out of the way , twist hair so that one piece goes under and the other one goes over the twist reaches the nape of your neck and you’re just gonna want to clip it and then we’re gonna move to this side and do the exact same thing. so now that both of my twists are done I am just gonna secure them in the back with an elastic loosen it up by tugging on it and it’s

just gonna make it more texturized.If the hair installed is allove curly wave https://www.allovehair.com/goods/Curly-Hair.html ,the effect would be better.next apply curly scrunch and this is gonna eliminate frizz and add shine , take one of the piece and twist it and once it’s all twisted cross it over and take a bobby pin to secure it, do the same thing to the other side now we are gonna pull out some face-framing tendrils and this is just

gonna enhance the fairy look .now go in with you full control hairspray and set everything in place .the fairy hair is set , glam up  look okay so finishing off the look just added some baby’s breach to the hair ,this just make the look really dainty I’ve used real flowers in my hair you can also use faux flowers they both leave the same beautiful effect.