5 Short Wig Hairstyles for Summer

Be short, be stylish

Short and stylish hairstyles are iconic for summer. With short natural wigs, you can switch up your look for the season, and stay comfortable and cool in the heat and humidity. If you’re searching for inspiration for short wig hairstyles to rock this summer, look no further. We’ve put together a list of our favourite short wig hairstyles that will keep you looking fabulous and feeling fantastic all summer long!

1.Machine made bob wigs with neat bangs

Bob wigs are iconic, and a machine made bob wigs is a timeless and effortless hairstyle that shows off your natural beauty. Add a neat bangs into the bob wigs, and you achieve a look of mystery and sophistication.For this hairstyle, we love the straight machine made bob wigs . This is one of our most popular short natural wigs because it’s super flattering and comes in a great range of color. Whether you’re after a honey blonde, 613 blonde or natural black, the machine made bob wigs has you covered.

2.Deep 4*4 lace closure bob wigs

No hairstyle screams summer quite like beach waves. They’re fun, effortless, and look picture-perfect throughout the warmer months. The deep wave bob hairstyle is ideal if you want loose, cool-girl waves without the maintenance that long hair requires. It’s an incredibly light wig, giving you comfort in the heat.The hair on the bob wigs are of different length and curl shape, creating a hairstyle that looks natural and relaxed.

3.Straight pixie cut wigs

Pixie cuts are much loved in the celebrity world, and for good reason. They’re striking, cool and always on-trend. A textured pixie cut is a little bit edgy and a really fun hairstyle to try out.The Winner from Raquel Welch shows you why textured pixie cuts are so popular when you rock a short hairstyle. Its texture, shape and colour options provide a summer hairdo that looks natural and cool, making it one of our favourite short wig hairstyles on offer. 

4.Curly pixie cut wigs

For some, a curly pixie cut is preferred over a straight one. This is a gorgeous hairstyle that looks both sophisticated and soft, without compromising on volume. It is a stunning pixie cut wig that’s smooth and layered.It won’t feel too hot to wear.The  curly pixie cut is especially ideal if you have a long or heart-shaped face.This bob wig is lightweight, helping to keep you cool and comfortable.

 5. Curly 4*4 lace closure bob wigs

Curly wave are perfect for a laid-back, summer hairstyle, which is why we love the look of a curly bob. For those of you who want the bob hairdo with extra volume and flair, a curly bob is a winner.For a modern, pretty bob that will keep you comfortable throughout the summer.

We have you favourite short wig hairstyles. Short wigs offer heaps of benefits, especially in the summertime, when the weather is hot and the air is sticky. They’re definitely something to consider if you’re after added comfort and cool.

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