How to Keep Your Body Hair Curly

Body wave hair is a basic hairstyle that is the best-selling and most popular for women. So, body wave wigs are also popular with female consumers. Some consumers ask me questions: “How do I keep my body hair curly after I buy it?”? “How do I fix curls at night and curls in the morning?”? “Wait, I’ll give you some advice today.

1.Pay attention to the edges.

Apply hair oil to the edges of your hair to keep your hair fine and supple.

2.Use a comb or fingers to comb the hair to prevent the hair from tangling.

You can use olive oil and shampoo. Don’t brush too hard when your hair is dry. Use a wide tool comb or generally use your fingers to thread it through. You can apply a little silver oil at night, or wear a silk hat or scarf.

3.Preparation for weaving.

Spray conditioner on your hair and leave in a little moisture before braiding.

4.Braided hair.

Braid one side of your hair and then braid the other side.

5.Wash your hair.

Once or twice a week. After washing your hair, be sure to dry it.

6.Wrap your hair.

Please wrap your hair in a scarf or nightcap so it will be loose, I don’t like mine being loose.

7.Enjoy wavy curls.

In the morning, untie the neck, open the braids, and your hair will stay wavy.

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