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How to look after your human hair extensions

How to look after your human hair extensions

Taking care of human hair extension is much the same as taking care of your natural hair. It is the scalp that you are nurturing because hair consists of dead cells. Of course, the hair should be washed as least once per week to remove oil and pollutants. Ask your hair stylist to use the best quality of 100% human hair available. Many people wash their Brazilian hair every day which may be appropriate for their hair types. But with human hair extensions, you are asking for more problems than you are solving. Since the hair is growing naturally under the hair extension, Increased washing helps loosen the bonds of the extension hair to the natural hair. The products used to maintain human hair extensions are intended to keep the scalp and pores of the head clean and healthy. If your natural hair is dry or oily, all the products you usually use are allowed, except with glue hair extensions, oily products will expedite the glue losing its adhesive properties.The most important thing to remember when you are caring for your hair extensions is to not pull or stretch your natural hair where the extension meet at the scalp. Wet hair is easier to damage in the wet state. Treat you hair gently at all times. No harsh brushing or combing of the hair. Ask your stylist to suggest hair care products for your human hair extensions. There are products that are formulated to care for your hair while maintaining the human hair extensions. Condition your natural hair with special hair conditions that are non-oily.


If your hair was short and the human hair extensions are long and flowing, you should get a hair product that will tie the hair down. You will be uncomfortable with hair touching your body wave hair for a while should use a silk scarf to tie the hair up so you can get a restful night sleep.The best thing about human hair extensions is that you can wash, dye, or curl the human hair extensions with the same products that use for your natural hair. However, a professional hair stylist will be your best resource for specific problems you may encounter with keeping your hair extensions looking their best. Keep the human hair extensions secure is important to the health of your natural hair. When the hair extension start to become lose, the combing and brushing tug on your natural hair and may cause breakage. Ask your hairstylist every question that you can think of regarding the care and maintenance of your new human hair extensions. They may have an instructions list for you that outlines in details how to care for your new hair.


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