Propecia Makes Baldness a History and Healthy Hair a Reality

If you completely hate baldness but still suffering from it, then you might be hiding bald head under the cover of hat or wig. Memories of the days, when you had shiny hair, are frequently giving you unsaid and unseen pain of inability to revert to old days. Gone days never come back but this should not be said about your straight human hair. If treatment of hair loss diseases is done with proper medication, then there is no obstacle in the way of getting back healthy hair.


Pollution, infection of microbes, hormonal disorder, deficiency of protein, deficiency of minerals and vitamins are the prime factors causing hair loss diseases. In men, hair loss primarily takes place because of hormonal disorder. Baldness in men is known by various names; some among them are 'male pattern baldness', 'androgenic alopecia' and 'alopecia androgenetica'. One cannot imagine that the residue of a beneficial hormone can be harmful to hair, but this is true. Testosterone is a puberty hormone which is produced in male reproductive glands (testes). This hormone at its final stage converts into di-hydro-testosterone (DHT). The final residue of testosterone clogs in hair follicles. The diameter of the hair follicles reduces because of this clogging. Thus, DHT affected hair follicle cannot hold hair.


If you want healthy and strong hair, restrict the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Propecia is the medication, which can easily do this job for you. Propecia is composed of finasteride. This chemical compound is a well known DHT blocker. Inhibition of working of DHT provides perfect conditions for healthy body wave hair to grow. In the absence of DHT hair follicles remain completely open. A wide open hair follicle holds hair tightly in its clutches. Completely opened hair follicles also ensure proper supply of nourishment to hair.


Propecia is an easy to use medication; swallow a pill of Propecia daily with a glassful of plain water wave hair and make baldness a history. Doctor's prescription is essential for using Propecia. If you are physically fit and fine, then there may not be any problem in getting doctor's prescription for using this medication. The general prescription volume of Propecia is 1mg. Pills of this volume are easily available through an online order. A pill of volume 1mg daily is the normal dosage of Propecia. However, a doctor can change the pattern of dosage according to physical condition of the prospective user.


This medicine is most unlikely to give any side effect. Moreover, side effects of Propecia are mild like itching, decreased libido and hypersensitivity. Generally, if occurs, the side effects of Propecia remain only for a few days and disappear soon after the body adjusts to the medication.


For better results on baldness treatment Propecia should be used for one year. During this period, you may need to purchase packs of this medication several times. This process can be tiresome and time-consuming if you purchase Propecia through the conventional method of drug purchase. Place an online order for Propecia and buy this medication at a mouse click. Online order is not only convenient but also a time and cost-effective method of drug purchase.


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