Rogaine The Hair Growth Stimulator

Rogaine The Hair Growth Stimulator

Hair are serving mankind since its evolution on the earth. Earlier, hair have provided protection against climatic changes. Later on technological advancement and invention of clothing have reduced the significance hair as a protector from climatic changes. Slowly desire of looking good has changed brazilian hair as a symbol of good looks. Women and men started keeping different hair styles according to fashion of the time. Even till the date long hair of a lady make her famous among men around her. Similar thing is repeated with a male with trendy hair style. But baldness can ruin out chances for good looking.

Millions in the world are affected with the problem of hair loss. Continuously falling hair can lead to baldness. Earlier the only corrective measure for baldness was wearing boring and inconvenient wig.


Now medicine is very much developed, it has developed many means of curing baldness. But before using any hair-care product basic knowledge about your hair is essential.


To stop hair from falling, not only hair but also peruvian hair follicles should be paid proper attention. What are follicles? Follicles can be termed as fertile land on which hair grow. Follicles are small opening situated beneath the skin, these provides nourishment to the hair through roots of hair. The nutrients for hair are supplied by blood. As earth holds a plant firmly follicles hold hair. Whenever, there is the problem of hair falling the drug which soothes follicles should be given preference over the drugs which work only on hair.


Rogaine (minoxidil) is one of such drug. Rogaine is the brand name and minoxidil is the active compound in it. The working of the drug is not clear but its efficacy as a hair growth stimulator is proven. In men it can grow body wave hair on the spots where hair has fallen because of man pattern baldness. In women it can grow hairs primarily on the front part of the head. It is an FDA approved drug which is available in liquid form. For men suffering form male pattern baldness, Rogaine with 5% concentration is ideal while for women suffering from hair fall Rogaine liquid with 2% minoxidil suits better.

To get better results Rogaine should be directly applied on the scalp twice a day. Care should be taken to prevent Rogaine from falling in eyes while applying on scalp, as its alcoholic base can cause irritation in affected eye. Rogaine can cause some mild side effects like abnormal skin, fluid retention, and a small increase in rate of heart beats. These side effects of the drug disappear after regular use of this for few days. Thus, patients of cardiovascular and coronary disease, breast feeding mothers, pregnant ladies should avoid using Rogaine.


Rogaine should be used only after getting doctors prescription for it. It is highly beneficial product which can save people from embarrassing baldness without producing any harmful effects.

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