Side Part Lace Frontal Wigs

Lace frontal human hair wigs is one of the most unique, eternal and classic hairstyles in the world. It not only has a beautiful and natural appearance, but also is comfortable to wear. Lace frontal wig has a variety of hair types, as 613 blonde 13*4 lace frontal wigs, natural black 13*6 lace frontal wigs, and colored ... Choosing the right hair length will give you the best wearing experience. For lace frontal wig, most people will choose the most common way to design the middle part, but gradually, this method can't satisfy people's pursuit of fashion. Today, we will bring you another style of learning and understanding by lace frontal wigs with sides.

What is a lace frontal wigs with side part?

The lace frontal wigs with side part is one of the types of lace frontal human hair wigs. The side part lace frontal wigs is also called asymmetric lace frontal wigs. The length of this wig is generally 12-40 inch, and the two sides of lace frontal wigs are unevenly cut. This is a unique style of lace frontal wigs, which brings unique and fresh vitality to the appearance of lace frontal wigs. You can become more fashionable by wearing this novel lace frontal wigs with side part.


Why choose the lace frontal wigs with side part?  

  1. Fashionable and novel

Wigs with a side part is novel fashion lace wigs style adds extra volume and layers to lace frontal wig, making it more beautiful, which not only meets the requirements of personality hair, but also meets the needs of fashion.

  1. Easy to maintain.

You don't need to spend too much time and energy to maintain it. It's a low-maintenance wig type, and you just need to clean and maintain it regularly. You will have more time to do other things!

  1. Easy installation

The lace frontal wigs with side part have easy installations and this can save time and energy for us.

  1. Suitable for sports or busy life.

If you like sports, or your life is busy, and you don't want to spend a lot of time on your wig, then lace frontal wigs with side part will be one of your best choices.

  1. Supernatural

The lace frontal wigs with side parts in our shop are all of high quality, and they are all made of 100% human virgin hair. You can get the most natural hair appearance.


Tips to style your lace frontal wigs with side part.

  1. Determine the side part'position

You should put it on the head of the wig model first, and then use a comb to determine the position of the side to be made, and divide the hair into two unequal parts.

  1. Use moisturizing and thermal protection spray

You can apply olive oil to lace frontal wigs' hair to increase and keep the moisture in the hair, and then use heat protection spray to form a protective barrier to protect your wig hair from the heat damage of heat setting tools.

  1. Use a heat setting tool to set the hair.

After you put on the thermal protective gloves, you can start using a hair straightener or curling iron to style your hair, which can smooth or curl your wig. You are free to design your hairstyle and make it any style you like.

  1. Let your wig rest after the hot-setting.

After you finish all the work, you shouldn't use the wig immediately. You can spray some moisturizing spray on the fake issue, and then let it stand for several hours to restore and keep the wig in its natural state before wearing it.

Our shop can customize side part styling for lace frontal wigs of any length and hairstyle. If you don't like side part wigs , we also sell free part and middle part wigs .


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