Stopping Losing Hair

If you are somehow like me, you are losing your hair. This is a acute problem and can negatively impact men, women, and children. People like us are left with only a few choices really. We can live with it, shave it, or find another way to put it back on. The tape method didn't go properly when I was a kid and cut my own bangs off (sorry mom), so it is likely to be out of the running as a valid candidate this time too. There are loads of options available for you. I did some research, just in case you didn't want to. This is an abbreviated article, so I am not developing every option or it's advantages.


What I have gathered in my reading is that your straight hair is almost constantly growing. Well, all except got a small percentage. That small percentage is in a dormant phase. This is the hair we typically lose. Unfortunately for some of us, we lose an excessive amount of hair. That is what causes us to go bald. We lose more than we can replace, (I realize that is a no-brainer, but it had to be said).


There is more than one way to bring about the massive hair loss that causes us to be bald. I think everyone know that stress can cause hair loss, not to mention weight gain. Not just job stress though, stress from an illness or surgery can do the same. Chemical imbalances caused by health problems or pregnancies can cause excessive hair loss as well. There are a bunch of different reasons for baldness you can research.


The one most common is male-pattern or female-pattern baldness. This is the one that causes people to ask you if your third cousin's, roommate's, parrot was bald. How many times can you listen to the wives tales about how if your father, or is it grandfather??, was bald you will be. I can't even keep it straight how many times I have been confused by what family member has to be bald at the passing of extraterrestrial bodies to cause my receding hair line.


Down to the good stuff. How do I stop my balding head from shedding more of it's winter coat? Well, it depends on what caused the balding to begin with. If it was a pregnancy, you will probably get that body wave hair back when the hormones correct themselves. Don't be afraid to go in and talk to your doctor about it, it is pretty common. If it is a major illness, or stress related, I advise you to see a doctor. If you are one of the lucky many that are losing it due to genetics, we have to look to the industry for help.


There are procedures to get your hair planted back in your head, so I hear. There are procedures to epoxy roadkill to your head as well. It is supposed to look real and stay on in the water at least, but I believe it is a tad pricey. You could just purchase a wig and work that for a while. There is always the spray on hair... I won't even tease that one.


Then we get to the chemistry experiments. We have all heard of the deep wave hair loss medicines that make promises to keep what you have and help regrowth. Let's be straight about this, stopping hair loss can be expensive. I don't mean the initial investment, I mean the fact that you could waste tons of money on solutions that don't work. Here is where you will need to do some serious research, otherwise you could lose more than your hair.


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