The Secret To Making Wigs Look Natural

Have you ever encountered such a problem: the human hair wig looks stiff on your head and can be seen at a glance. In the new era when wigs have become more and more common, how to wear wigs more naturally has become a concern of more and more girls.

Here are the important elements of how to make your wig look more high quality and natural.

1.Effective caring

After shampooing, apply an appropriate amount of conditioner evenly on the hair to ensure that the conditioner stays a little longer than what is written on the package. This can not only enhance the effect, but also make your hair stronger and stronger.

Use hair care essential oil immediately after washing your hair, or add essential oil to your shampoo, which can replenish nutrients to your hair and make your hair soft and beautiful.


2.Do not use too many hair dryers or curling irons

 Although these tools will produce a fluffy and smooth effect, excessive use will dry the hair and take away the moisture and elasticity in the hair.

If dry hair becomes soft, it is recommended to stop overusing the hair dryer first. Even if you want to use it, don't use overheated wind. At the same time, for some shampoo and conditioner with soft moisturizing function, it is best to use nursing products to cooperate with each other to increase the oil and moisture in the hair. The effect will be better if they are used for a long time.

3.Reduce the number of bleaching and dyeing

If the hair itself is dry, it is recommended to stop ironing, dyeing and bleaching hair, and use it together with care products suitable for your own hair, which can alleviate the effect of.

If there is no dry hair, reduce or do not carry out perm dyeing and bleaching, which can prevent the hair from being damaged and becoming withered grass.


4.Choose the most suitable hairstyle

Everyone's facial contour and facial features are different, so when choosing hair style, we should give full play to our strengths and avoid our weaknesses, so that we can find all kinds of beautiful hair styles suitable for our face. Please remember that your hairstyle will increase your charm.

1) Women with square face are more suitable for short hair with medium split. The front spike is slightly short, the top is high and fluffy, and the sideburns on both sides are combed back. The best effect is to show a rich wave, so as to weaken the edges and corners of the square face.

2) Long face women are suitable for long hair. The front ears are slightly longer and can cover the front face. Comb both sides of the head, which can reduce the length and make the facial contour full and harmonious.

3) Women with short chin and short face should choose a straight hairstyle, comb their hair straight down, keep both sides of their hair close to their cheeks, keep the front and back together, and the hair tip is about an inch above their cheeks. But avoid lifting back the hair on both sides or tying it in a bun.


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