Unequal struggle with the time

Although the man wants to fight for centuries with nature, improve and modify it, this is a rough fight. Many have achieved in the field of genetics, industry, and all sorts of technology, we can also fly into space, dry rivers and change the environment, but against the forces of nature we are helpless. And it is not so much on a global scale, but that's the lowest human hair bundles level. You can not stop the passage of time, old age, sickness and death. What's more - you can not in any way to change your appearance.


Of course, plastic surgery is very advanced and can profoundly interfere with the human body wave hair and its appearance is not perfect. Just look at such a mundane thing as hair. Loss, breakage, hair loss - it's hard for us to stop these processes. We can only assist and nurture, which eliminates these processes, but does not stop them entirely. Hair transplants are invasive and long recovery period. Therefore, we should be reconciled with our predispositions and inclinations. Of course, this is appropriate, for helping.


Although we do not change our genes, and pretty appearance, we can quite effectively delay the unpleasant effects of the passage of time. But help us in this Meeting only specialists such as barber. In addition to all sorts of supplements, shampoos and ampoule, was very effective natural remedies. The best are those that are not processed at all - that is, that before we broke up from the garden. Vegetable and fruit juices, as well as natural oils and eggs, contain nutrients that are able to regenerate our loose deep wave hair without having to artificially thicken.


Such therapy is long and its effects have to wait, but worth it. Concentration and hair extensions using sticky bands, gives an immediate effect, but it is quite fragile. First, such a hair quickly fall out during daily care and styling, second glue look unsightly and is often very visible. The key to a healthy, nice appearance, it is just maintenance.


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